Facebook: Limit Information That Apps Collect About You

If your friends use apps in Facebook, those apps are able to collect quite a bit of information about you. Basically, they could collect most everything you do on Facebook. You can block that, however. This, I believe, is one of the most important security items to check. I strongly recommend that you take a […]

Facebook: Create a Page List

It’s very easy to add lists just for pages. That enables you to categorize pages into separate lists so you can then view information for only those pages. It makes it easier to separate posts from friends and posts from pages in your timeline. The default inclusion of everything can be overwhelming. Like Friend lists, […]

Facebook: Create a Friend List

There are default friend lists in Facebook such as Family and Close Friends. They’re listed in the Friends section in the left navigation bar. You can add more at any time. Here’s how! 1. Left bar: FRIENDS > MORE 2. + Create List 3. Add a List Name. 4. Create 5. Add Friends 6. Select […]