How to Test Your Website for the Google Mobile Algorithm Change

Mobile Friendly Test Pass

Google is changing their algorithm beginning April 21, 2015. If you do not have a mobile-friendly site your search rankings may be affected. To check your site, follow the steps below. Even if your site passes, you might need to take additional steps. For further reading, review the articles from the list of links at […]

Content and Blogging Trends in Social Media: 2014

With the constant evolution and change in social media, I oftentimes think it would be helpful to have multiple large plasma screens on the wall. That includes several in front of me to monitor everything happening real-time, and another behind to see what’s coming next. I don’t have such a screen behind me, but I […]

Designing Content for Responsive Websites

When designing a responsive website, you can’t just think of the way it looks. You also have to design the content. When the page display shifts when viewed on different device sizes, so too does the content layout. That’s what you also have to design for and test: how does the content display on each […]

News: Website Included In StudioPress Showcase

Update June 1, 2015: I’ve renamed my business to 2moroDocs, so will contact them to change this. I have some very exciting news to share. This new responsive version of my website is now included in the StudioPress Showcase! It’s such an honor, I think. Wow. Thank you, StudioPress! As you probably know, StudioPress is […]