Email Newsletters: New Signup Options

2moroDocs Email text to join

After you’ve created an email mailing list, it’s time for the next step: encouraging and obtaining signups. There are increasingly more ways to encourage signups, some of which you may not be aware. New technologies provide new options. Read on to find out more. Remember: You do have to obtain permission to add someone to […]

Facebook Lists: Add to Favorites

2mD Facebook Favorites

If you taken the step to create friends or page lists so you can see them more easily, there’s good news. There’s one more option for you to make a list more accessible. You can set it as a Favorite. Favorites display first. You don’t have to scroll down a page and dig down into […]

Thanks, Mari Smith!

Back in April, when the Google mobile algorithm change (aka Mobilegeddon) was imminent, I wrote up some procedures and tips to help people get their websites ready for the change. Mari Smith made a video that included that post and shared it on her Facebook page. Here’s a link to that. Thanks, Mari! Mari Smith Facebook […]

How to Test Your Website for the Google Mobile Algorithm Change

Mobile Friendly Test Pass

Google is changing their algorithm beginning April 21, 2015. If you do not have a mobile-friendly site your search rankings may be affected. To check your site, follow the steps below. Even if your site passes, you might need to take additional steps. For further reading, review the articles from the list of links at […]